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Why Is Silicon Valley Throwing New Money At Old Clothes — October 28, 2015

Why Is Silicon Valley Throwing New Money At Old Clothes

From Bloomberg:

ThredUp isn’t an outlier. There’s a war brewing over the junk in people’s closets, as investors funnel cash into the online clothing resale business, backing more than a dozen companies, each looking to capitalize on what they see as a weak spot for Amazon and even for resale leader eBay.
Venture capital firms poured hundreds of millions of dollars into fashion resale in 2015; total funding over the past five years has blown past the $400 million mark. In January, online consignment shop Tradesy raised $30 million. By the end of April, vintage luxury reseller RealReal had raised $40 million and social commerce site Poshmark had taken in $25 million. European resale shop Vestiaire Collective scored a $37 million round in September. Then came Goldman’s monster round for ThredUp, perhaps the most mainstream of the bunch.

Vintage Shopping Can’t Compete Pricewise With Fast Fashion — September 8, 2015

Vintage Shopping Can’t Compete Pricewise With Fast Fashion

My friend Ada Calhoun wrote about vintage shopping for New York Magazine. Below is an excerpt.

“I wish I could wear more vintage things,” says one young friend of mine. “I guess it’s because everything that I like is very expensive at this point because things are so ‘curated.’ Also, being a slightly larger lady with hips and a bust, it’s really, really hard to find things in my size that are also affordable, cute, and in good condition. I looked for about a year for a true vintage dress for my sister’s wedding and everything I found that came close to being the right thing was either $300 or more, or built for a tiny person.”

Swap-A-Rama-Rama Is Coming To Atlanta — August 6, 2014
June 14th: Shop and Swap at Grind Spaces in NYC — June 1, 2014
Two New Swapping Sites, 99dresses and Swapdom — November 17, 2013

Two New Swapping Sites, 99dresses and Swapdom


I heard about 99dresses on the podcast, Download This Show. 99 dresses is a mobile app that enables users to swap clothes. You can list the clothes you want to swap and browse the app to swap with others.  It is only available on iOS now.  Hopefully 99dresses will be on Android soon.

Swapdom is another new swapping website. I heard about this site via a blog post by Kellie. You can list items, search for items you want, offer your stuff in exchange. Swapdom helps to arrange the swap.

November 23: Sammy Davis Vintage + NYC Thrifting Collective Event — November 11, 2013

November 23: Sammy Davis Vintage + NYC Thrifting Collective Event

Sammy Davis Vintage, along with Enovia of Mixie Management and Yoli Ouiya are  co-hosting the NYC THRIFTING COLLECTIVE, the first and only organization bringing you chartered THRIFT TRIPS to explore the world of secondhand fashion beyond the limits of New York City. Order tickets now.

On Saturday, November 23rd will engage attendees with THREE under-the-radar thrift stores in a top secret city of northern New Jersey. Thrifters will have approximately one hour at each store to shop, style and score thrifty deals that can’t be found in NYC. EACH STORE offers discounts ONLY available to Thrifting Collective attendees. There will be chartered transportation to 3 thrift stores in Northern New Jersey. No lugging shopping bags from train to bus, no worry about “making” public transportation on time!

Why Shopping The Closet Is The New Black — June 13, 2013

Why Shopping The Closet Is The New Black

via Gigaom

TechCrunch reported Wednesday that closet-swap platform Bib + Tuck, which launched in November 2012, officially netted $600,000 via billionaire fashion magnate J. Christopher Burch and a group of other angel investors in a seed round.

The premise of the so-called “recommerce” outlet is fairly simple: Users turn in their gently worn (perhaps even designer) duds for virtual currency, which then can be spent on anything in the store. If a coveted piece is just out of reach, the store also allows users to buy those in-store “bucks” to close the gap and make the purchase. The company relies heavily on the participation of those with high-end closets to maintain a steady flow of barter-worthy items, but it’s not the first to make a go of the strategy (and turn a profit).