Two summers ago, I went to my very first clothing swap.  That is what I wrote about it.

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I went to a clothes swap organized by a friend of a friend who lives in Brooklyn.
Ten women came and donated clothes of various styles and sizes, and we
all sifted through the remnants like we were at Century 21, but the best
thing was that everything was free. However, I got a little insecure as
all the ladies passed up a leopard print skirt that I donated. I was so
sure that little skirt be a crowd favorite. As the skirt got passed around
and thrown back into the discard pile, I questioned my own fashion taste.
A woman’s sense of style is often her trademark, but it can also make
her a fashion victim. I also wonder if any of the other ladies felt a
wee bit vulnerable about revealing themselves as closet retail hoarders.
However, it is cool to recycle, in a fashionista-hippie sorta way. Plus,
sometimes cleaning out your closet can make room for fun with friends
or at least a donated brown suede skirt that I can totally rock this fall.

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