An article from Central Florida about clothing swaps.
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a new trend takes popular clothes-swapping parties to the online world. Now you could replace your wardrobe for next to nothing with just a few clicks.

You can skip the long mall lines and brand name prices for clothes at gatherings like the Sunshine Style Exchange.

During the home-type party, they draw numbers from a hat and go down a list. Each person takes a turn to chose an article of clothing from the ones brought to the party.

People exchange their old clothes for someone else’s old clothes. They walk away with some tips, some inspiration and some new fashion ideas.

Style swappiong has also gone the way of the Internet. You can find brand name designers that are available for swapping on sites like Swap Style.

You post pictures of clothes you are willing to part with and fellow fashion lovers around the world will contact you to trade with them. The benefits are the same as at a swap party.