I just read about this on PSFK and I am so jazzed. Nick Graham has teamed up Goodwill to create a fashion line made up from the clothes given to Goodwill. What a cool idea! The greenest fashion idea ever.

clipped from www.sfgate.com
Nick Graham, the eccentric San Francisco designer and founder of Joe Boxer, the company that gave boxer shorts personality, has teamed up with Goodwill to produce the line, which is made entirely from items from the discard bins.

The clothes can be in bad shape or have no flaws at all – after 30 days on the floor, whatever hasn’t sold goes to the discard bins. The other day, Michele Addey, an interior designer turned fashion designer, laid out some old buttons, a pastel striped shawl (“great fringe”), and a stained brown leather jacket on a long workbench. “Look at the lining! It’s pristine brown suede. This is absolutely perfect for appliques,” she said, as she cut out the figure of a dog.