Frugalistas! Recessionistas! The Huffington Post has an article about clothing swaps. Here’s a clip from it below.

“Of course, the idea of trading clothes is older than even the most dated dress in your closet. But today’s economy and shopper’s heightened awareness of environmental and social issues have infused swap soirees with a new buzz. Clothing Swap founder Suzanne Agasi touts swaps as a way to do right by the planet, while London’s Sun traces the trend to so-called frugalistas–would-be fashionistas hit hard in recent months by the credit crunch who have found new (well, new-to-them) ways to revive their wardrobes.

This convergence (frugality + high-fashion + enviro ethos) represents something new for the world of eco-fashion, which has largely catered to buyers willing to pay a premium for a bona fide green look. In 2006, Wired described driving a Prius or wearing an organic-cotton shirt as “a way of “peacocking individual virtue and pursuading others to change their ways.” What do you think it says now?”