I have a google alert on the word “recessionista”, so I am surprised that I almost missed but thanks to  RKB, I have alert to a blog post on The Frisky which gives great tips on how to host a clothing swap at your home.  Keep in mind that for public swaps, it is great to promote your clothing swap, but with a private swap only invite friends or close of friends.  Too many swappers in a small space can be like a Loehman’s dressing room on a Saturday, and that is not fun.

1) invte stategically: be diverse in sizes and styles
2) prepare your apt/home: provide a hall or mirrors
3) food and drinks: shopping is more fun w/booze
4) create piles: sort by type (skirts, tops)
5) be honest: don’t let bad-fitting clothes happen to good people
6)  donate the leftovers:  give to Goodwill, Salvation Army, or a women’s shelter.