LAST DAY TO RSVP: Tuesday at 6:30PM

FEE: $3 general admission, FREE if you bring an unopened bottle of wine! We do not need soft drinks or water as those are provided by St. Margaret’s (49 Fulton St)    Snacks are also appreciated.

Arrival – Feel free to wait in the atrium or outside, but no admittance to the swap area before 6:15
Setup – we put our own items out at this swap. Setup will be from 6:15 to 7:15
Start time – 6:30 PM People will continue to arrive and set up until 7:15
Last arrival – no one will be admitted after 7:15
End time – 8:00

This swap is a seasonal swap – please save your heavy winter items for donation to your fave charity
This swap is organized by item type, not size. You will put your own stuff out accordingly.
There’s never an even exchange, give a lot, take a little or vice versa – let your conscience be your guide.