From the Five Boroughs Clothing Swap Meetup Group:

Finished your taxes yet? Need a little motivation to get going?
You may have to pay the IRS but you’ll never have to pay for clothing at one of our parties! So get those forms in and celebrate the end of tax day with a drink, a munch, and some wonderful new gladrags for spring!

Entrance fee: minimum one bag of great condition, high quality clothing to swap and $3.00 to be donated to our site, St. Margaret’s House which is H.U.D. housing unit for low-income seniors and disabled adults.

As always feel free to bring any size items and as always please refrain from bringing any stained, ripped, obviously damaged, shrunken, very worn or otherwise undesireable items. Please bring only items you would be proud to give a friend! IT’S NEVER AN EVEN EXCHANGE. So bring a lot, take a little, or vice versa.

RSVP by Tuesday, April 14.