What if you could do your spring cleaning, score some new duds, give to charity and meet some new friends, all for less than the price of an Old Navy tee-shirt? You can, at a clothing swap. West Coast transplants may remember clothing swaps, called Naked Lady Parties in some circles, as free-for-alls where you rifle through a huge pile of thrift store castoffs and go home with a polyester shirt your friend used to love. Leave it to New Yorkers to up the humble clothing swap’s profile.

There are a number of organizations that hold regular swaps around Brooklyn and Manhattan. The set-up is simple: You show up with clean, non-damaged clothing (and often accessories), hand them over to the event organizer, and then take as many items as you wish. Leftover clothing is given to local charities. Some groups have a tighter focus, a cover charge or cocktails, but they’re all very low cost ways to give your wardrobe a boost.

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