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Why do you like to shop at thrift stores?

O’Regan: You’re basically hunting for the incredible one-of-a-kind treasures normally found at vintage stores but at a fraction of the price. I also love that it’s good for the planet. It makes sense to pick things out from the abundance of stuff that already exists rather than propagating a need for more new merchandise.

Money: Main benefit is the price. Things are crazy discounted anywhere from 50 to 90 percent, so it’s a no-brainer money-wise. The other aspect, which is even more fun in my opinion, is finding the deals and coming away with all these awesome things you may not even have known were out there. It’s dope that you can find a brand-new bike right next to an 8-track player all for under $20.

Freedman: The major benefit is the obvious one: Things can be obtained cheaply there. Another benefit is the book section. Not only can you get last year’s best sellers for a dollar or so, you can find a wide variety of interesting older books as well.

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